Meri Sanedo

Anjaan Muskurata Chehra laga kuch apna sa, Dekha tha Ankhoon se phele baar fir bhi laga kuch Sapna sa.

Aaj mile hai pheli baar, bitane hai Kayi Saal, Dil ke Jharokho pe likhni hai Hazaaro Baatein.

Dastak jo di hai apne Zindagi mein Har pal lagta Haseen hai, Kuch alag sa ahsas hai jo Dil ko bahut azeez hai.

Aagaz thi ye nayi Zindagi ki ya issiki talash thi, Lagta hai sirf Aap se Milne ki asse thi…

Rehta hai tumse milne ka intazaar, Dil bhi hai bekarar

Kya yahi hota hai pyaar…  ??

Dil ki justjoo bhi kisne jaani hai,

Jaante toh ham bhi nahi, ye anjaan raste le jayenge kahan, bas akele na paad jaye ussi ka dar hai..

Sath ho tumhara toh ye anjaan sadak bhi kubul hai, Ye ajanabee sa shehar bhi dil ke kareeb hai…

Girne do tum mujhe aapne pyaar mein, bas itni se chaah hai,

Jo kaha nahi kabhi, usse dil se bayan karun paun, usse pal ke dedar ka intazar hai

Rehta hai tumse milne ka intazaar, Dil bhi hai bekarar

Kya yahi hota hai pyaar…  ??

Love HATE Love…

Love HATE Love…

If you know a person for whom you can dive deep into the ocean, fly high up in sky, do all crazy shit you have never thought of—- then my friend you are the lucky one who has found the love of your life… But remember you are just lucky. If you have found yours, that doesn’t means it improves your odds that the other person also feels the same for you… 😀 that’s the catch.

Once you become sure for someone it doesn’t guarantee that you will be achieving your desired objective. I read somewhere about “The Secret – Law of attraction” I believe in it but don’t relay on it completely. It works wonders for some, none for few. If law of attraction was to be accurate, precise then probably I won’t even be writing this article for you…

So let me make a statement !!!

“Law of attraction doesn’t work when you seek love through it.”

Yes it’s true. Remember the last time you had hots for someone and that person never gave a damn about your feelings. You would do anything to be a part of her/his life. You would be the problem, you would be the solution. What ever you could just to spend time with him/her.  But mate i have a question Did it work ?? Did the law of attraction work? Did you get hers’ attention. Did she love you back?? If the answer is “NO” only then continue reading… Remaining folks your are actually the lucky one. Thanks for reading …

Now when I have all the people on same page, let me tell you when law of attraction doesn’t work then there is one more thing which definitely gonna work. Yes there is hope. Its your wit, its your zeal, its your passion which gonna take your through… Because your odds are low but you still have odds and its HOPE !!!

In life you will always find two kinds of people, some will care for you as much as you care for them or may be more than what you do for them and the others are those who don’t give a damn about you. Always try not getting stuck with latter kind of people.

It’s really stupid when you look back in time and see how you wasted your time on such people, Its important that you accept that you are not expected to keep everyone happy, you needn’t be the chariot of love. Cut yourselves some slag and live in the moment for yourself.

So friends and friends of friends life is not about your failures, it’s not about how many friends you have, it’s not depended on your social approvals, it’s how exciting / beautiful you can make it out of the problems you face.. It’s about the small talks you have with pretty amazing souls which crosses your path in the adventures journey called life. !!!

How To Watch Sitcoms Online For Free !!!

Many of my friends ask me often how to watch sitcoms for free on the internet. So I decided to write about it once and for all.. 😛

Gone are the days when you need to wait for the torrent to be available of your favorite sitcom and wasting your time and bandwidth downloading it. With the steps mentioned below you can easily view all the Sitcoms you ever wanted to without much of buffering and right after they get aired for free.

Step 1: Get an ad-blocker installed in your internet browsing application. (Recommended to avoid unnecessary pop-ups ) 

Click here : Ad-Blocker 

Step 2: Go to the website Sitcoms and you will find all the tv series you want to watch!

If the website is being blocked by your service provider which is very much possible, you need to use proxy server to access the web page. I will show it using the simplest proxy server provider I have come across. Go the website 

As in screenshot below type in the address :


This proxy server provider can also be used to access any other website which is being blocked by your service provider but use your discretion before accessing blocked websites… 😛 🙂

Step 3: For Instance in the screenshot below you can see all the Game Of Thrones episode at your disposal. No download just click and enjoy!!!Capture.JPG   Capture.JPG

Click here to know How To Download any video from the internet, let it be from facebook youtube etc. !!!

I hope you get it. Enjoy Cheers !!!      Peace Out !!!   Instagram


How To Download Videos From The Internet !!!

Hey Pals,

Follow the below steps to download almost any videos from the internet.


  1. With great power comes great responsibility, so use your discretion while downloading. #Disclaimer
  2. After following next few steps you will be king or queen (i am not biased) of the Internet. You will be able to download any youtube, facebook etc etc videos with just a single click, in to your smart phone
  3. Download the application required, by clicking   HERE   OR    here.
  4. Install the application, Tap on the left top corner, here you can find a URL bar.



                                                              Tap on Right Corner as indicated

5. For Instance I go on youtube, It will take you to the webpage.

Click on Green Arrow

6. Once you have reached the video page, click on the green pointer as shown above to proceed with download, a pop up option will appear where you can select the quality of video to be downloaded. Once you select that … Its done Woohllaa !!! your video will get downloaded on your phone depending upon your net connectivity. 😛


Thanks… I hope you get it. Enjoy Cheers !!!      Instagram

I run, I run and I ran..

I run, I run and I ran..

They said I couldn’t run
but I ran
they said I shouldn’t runMumbai Marathon 2015
but I ran
they said I wouldn’t run
but I ran

They said but why do you even run
but I said nothing and ran
not to prove something
not to run away from something

not to run away from someone
not to finish the proverbial finish line…


I hit the ground with the conviction that every wrong can be set right

I run towards me with every step that I take

I cut through the wind and felt what pain must be like

I run through the silence and felt what violence feels like

I run through the empty roads and felt what void feels like

I run through the same route and felt how memories haunt like

I run into the dark and disappeared in morning

I run through my life getting ditched and downing

I sweat till my head get cleared off.

I breathe pain, I breathe air, I breathe myself in and out..
They thought I run to answer them, but I truly run

hoping that someday I run into myself… until then, I run and I run and I run…

I miss our drive by the flag…. Next to the beach of our own mirage… The sea here was always calm, though the fire works tripped on your command…

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Dil Ki Baat !!!

Phele kabhi na hua tha, Dil se Jo kiya tha !
Kaha hazaro baar beshak kal or aaj….
Kash dil se dil juud jaate, Aap mere or kareeb aate!
Har bar koshish kar hara hun, Phir bhi nahi mana hun !!
Kash aap mujhe or samhaj paate, Har bar yahi chaha hun !

Halat bayaa nahi kar paya, jo chaun woh ho nahi paya!
Tere intazar mein… Lakhon ke beech kudh ko akela paya hai…
Fir bhi ye aehsas dil ko bhaya hai!!
Tune ne ek bar bhi palat kar dekha tak nahi,
mere baare mein socha tak nahi…

Vakt thama hai kayi baar, Jab hua hai tera deedar !!
Lafzo mein na samjho ge dil ki ye baatein,
Tum mano meri Vaffa, Ittefaq se ab darta hu,
Agaz toh kiya hai, No paane ke Anjam se darta hun !!
“Hazaaron Khvaahishen aisi ki har Khvaaish pe dam nikale,
bahut nikale mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikale”

First In First Out :: LIFE

BSometimes in midst of nowhere you realize, its been many years wandering around for no reason… Life is full of twist n turns…  It’s on you, which path you take and pervade… Many people touch upon your life and few stay longer than others do, but it’s really not your choice… How much ever hard you try, something’s are meant to happen the way it had to and you have no control over it… Now it’s up to you to ponder… The things you have done,things you are bound to do next will surely shape your future ahead…

What has happened is gone…You can’t change it. Only you can is, learn from it and try not to repeat it… You do things for others, be it your friends, your loved one’s you should know when and where to stop… Because sometimes it so happens that you take or are taken for granted resulting in an emotional collapse, which is realized quite late. The only universal feeling is love. You love few and you don’t the rest… If you are in a fix relating to “love” then you only need, is time… Time is the best thing you can ever give yourself before jumping in to conclusions because often you land up screwing it up further.

Everyone must have had an intervention. So did I, a few weeks back… The point I wanna make is life is just too short to waste upon silly things… Sit back set your priorities do what matters to you the most… No one can judge you, No one has the right to judge you and if you are sure of what you are doing is right JUST GO FOR IT !!!

“!!!  ONLY LOVE IS REAL  !!!”

Raah Chale O mere hamsafar,


Raah Chale O mere hamsafar, Lamha beete par na koi asar ho haam par… Dooriyan naapein or nazdekiyan badhayein, Dil ki ye kwaish aaj poori karte jaaye… Raah Chale O mere hamsafar, Lamha beete par na koi asar ho haam par… Maagen thi ye pal jo bhool na paaye, Dil ki baate aaj kahin dil mein na rah jaayen… Dosti mein ab dil bhi milaye… Raah Chale O mere hamsafar, Lamha beete par na koi asar ho haam par… Aab maan bhi jaaon Yun nazrein na churao… Mere kwaabo mein aao or wapas Na jaao… Kahte khate ruka hun mein kaayi baar IMAG0240Aaj nahi chukunga isse baar… laabo pe Jo hai usse batlao…

Chalte chalte mujhko samjhao Raah Chale O mere hamsafar, Lamha beete par na koi asar ho haam par. Jab bhi yun dekhun raat ke andhere mein kahin taktaki laga kar… Na jaane kyu chehra aaye tera yu nazar… Ojhal na ho jaaye dil mein ye aas hai … Yaadon ke sahare jeena bekar hai…

Raah Chale O mere hamsafar, Lamha beete par na koi asar ho haam par…Instagram



Learn Earn And Die

Learn Earn And Die
What’s the need to lie?
What matters the most in life
Is not gonna be the same with time

You come you go!!!
You fetch as you stretch
Stretch to your goal
Until you r near

I may surprise you my friend
With little potential in my veins
Path is long with heralds ahead
The more I strive the closer I find

Life goes on as it always does
Till u realize u missed the only time of ur life.

Learn earn and die
What’s the need to lie?

lying-truth Listening Lies knowing Truth

P.S :: I wrote these lines way back in 2007, I was in 10th grade by then. I hope you guys like it. When we are small there are no filter of truth or lies on what we speak or believe in, sometimes I wonder if everyone had stayed the same world could have been such a beautiful place….

“The naked truth is always better than best dressed lie”

—- Ann Landers


Journey To Be Remembered

Journey To Be Remembered

Each of us would remember this all during our lives. It was the purest moment of freedom that We had ever felt. We would go back in our imaginations, and stay, where happiness seemed so easy to be touched.

In a sea of strangers, I have longed to know you.
My life spent sailing to your shore….

Just take my hand, walk, dance with me… and I will simply follow, the blueness of the water, the white waves rolling free… where the earth is beneath my feet and stars make my heart beat … in this long and priceless moments of shared solitude I would stay there for We…. !!!


#LifeTwistAndTurns #MayBeILoveU

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